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FN-A504 Programmable MP3 Siren Horn with Trigger Inputs 30W Triggerable Sound Alarm Speaker for Outdoor


1. Built-in high quality MP3 player sound board with class D amplifier.

2. Equipped with 4 trigger inputs.

3. Negative trigger version and positive trigger version available to choose.

4. Built-in 8MB flash memory that is able to store max. 8 minutes long MP3 files of 128Kbps. 

5. Load audio files to the internal flash memory through USB connection with computer (Windows preferable).

    -No need any software/program. It’ll be detected as a USB flash drive on computer.

6. Supports multiple functions/trigger modes.

7. The function/trigger mode of each trigger input can be set individually in a configuration file (text file).

8. Sound volume can be set as well in the same configuration file. 

9. Can be triggered with normally open buttons, switches, relays or a PLC.

10. Wide power input(9-40V DC) and stable performance.

11. IPX65 protection rating and can be used outdoor.

12. Industrial grade design and strong anti-jamming capability.

Technical Parameters

1. Working voltage: 9V-40V DC

2. Working current: ≥3000mA (Input: 12V)

3. Standby Current: ≤10mA

4. Power Consumption: ≤30W

5. Flash memory size: 8MBytes

6. Audio format: MP3 (≤192Kbps)

7. Sound intensity: ≤120dB




Wiring Examples





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