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FN-AS72 4 Key Triggerable Audio Player Recordable Audio Speaker


1. Adopts exquisite ABS plastic enclosure

2. Built-in a high quality audio decoder.

3. Equipped with a 16MBytes flash memory that supports max. 16 minutes long MP3 files (at 128Kbps).

4. Load MP3 files to the internal flash memory easily through the micro USB port connected with computer. 

5. 4 trigger inputs available and the trigger mode /function of each input can be set individually.

6. Supports 7 different trigger modes, and 5 auxiliary modes.

7. Trigger modes are set through a configuration file easily.

8. Activate a sound through negative triggering / negative pulse / GND.

9. Able to play one-on-one 4 sounds.

10. Able to play multiple audio files per input channel (play next track in the associated folder). 

11. Able to start audio files automatically and play in loop, once it’s powered on. 

12. Equipped with a class D 5watts audio amplifier. 

13. Adjustable sound volume and wide range power input. 

14. Two colors (black and white) available.

15. Portable design and easy to install.

16. Dimensions: 70mm (diameter) x 20mm (height) 

Technical parameters

1. Working voltage: 6V-30V DC

2. Working Current: ≤1000mA

3. Standby Current: 10mA

4. Power Consumption: ≤5W

5. Flash Memory Size: 16MBytes

6. Audio Format: MP3 (32Kbps-192Kbps)

7. SNR:≤100dB




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