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FN-H860 Programmable MP3 Voice Announcer Personalized Car Start Voice Player Reversing Horn Voice Warning Signs


1. Built-in a high quality MP3 player with great sound quality.

2. Built-in 4MB flash memory as the storage device.

3. Update sound files easily on computer through USB connection.

4. Able to play a sound in a loop when power is applied.

5. Able to play multiple sounds in order.

6. Able to play multiple sounds in random.

7. Able to play four one-on-one corresponding sound files.

8. Can be hooked up to a switch/relay.

9. Equipped with a high quality class D amplifier.

10. Adjustable sound volume and wide range power input. 

11. Wide power input and stable performance.


Technical Parameters

1. Working voltage: 6V to 30V DC

2. Working current: ≤1000mA 

3. Power consumption: ≤3W

4. Flash memory size: 4MB

5. Audio format: MP3

6. Sound pressure level: ≤100dB

Main Applications

1. As a personalized car start voice player.

2. As a reversing horn for cars and trucks.

3. Voice prompts for security check machines.

4. Voice prompts for door access control systems.

5. Voice alerts for banks, factories, warehouses, and so on.


60 speaker.jpg

Examples of Connection

1. Play a sound for once when power is applied / play a sound in loop when power is applied

Play a sound in a loop.jpg

2. Play four one-on-one corresponding sounds 

one-on-one four sounds.jpg







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