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Flyron Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Kevin Xu

Tel: +86-20-36776060

Mobile: +86-186 6501 8673

QQ: 2357359868

Skype: kevinxu8410

WeChat: +86-18665018673

WhatsApp: +86-18665018673

E-mail: info@flyrontech.com 


Add.: No. 334, Shangye Avenue, Huadu

         Guangzhou, Guangdong Province


Distributor in the United States

Johan Smit

Electronics123.com, Inc.

102 East Park Ave, PO Box 21

Columbiana OH 44408-0021, USA

Tel (330) 482-9944, Toll Free 1-888-549-3749

Fax (330) 266-7307

Email: general@electronics123.com  Internet: www.electronics123.com

Distributor in Germany

Uwe Pigors  


E-mail: upigors@googlemail.com

Tel.: +491774544897

Add.: Sonnenblumenhoehe 1,  OT Hohenwarsleben, 39326 Hohe Borde, Germany

Distributor in India

RajGuru Electronics

Mr. Dileep Jain (Manager)

399 3rd Floor, Manek Chambers, Above Vasant Bhavan Restaurant Lamington Road, 

Mumbai - 400004, Maharashtra, India

Phone: +91-8048077414

Mobile: +91-7400168411/+91-9819863528

Skype: dileep-rg

E-mail: dileep@rajguruelectronics.com

Website: www.rajguruelectronics.com




Contact: Mr. Kevin Xu

Phone: +86-18665018673

Tel: +86-20-36776060

Email: info@flyrontech.com

Add: No. 334, Shangye Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

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