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FN-A502 Recordable MP3 Siren Horn Alarm Speaker


1. Adopts solid magnet to make sure loud volume and great sound quality.

2. Two versions (negative trigger and positive trigger) optional.

3. Built-in high quality MP3 player sound board.

4. The function/trigger mode of each input port can be set individually through a config file.

5. Support 7 main trigger modes and 5 assistant trigger modes.

6. Built-in 4Mbytes flash memory by default, and supports max. 32GB micro SD card.

5. Able to update audio files through connecting the micro USB port from the internal sound board to computer.

-It will be detected as a USB flash drive on computer.

-When there is an inserted micro SD card on the board, the computer reads the micro SD card directly. In the same way, the device will directly play the sound from the micro SD card.

6. Built-in mono 15 watts class D amplifier and possible to connect with an audio output jack.

7. Adjustable sound volume through the small blue potentiometer on the internal sound board, and also possible to connect with external buttons to adjust volume.

8. Industrial grade design and strong anti-jamming capability.

9. Size of the internal sound board: 45 x 45 mm


Technical Parameters

1. Working voltage: DC 12V-24V

2. Working current: ≤2000mA

3. Standby current: ≤10mA

4. Power consumption: ≤15W

5. Flash memory size: 4MB

6. Audio format: MP3 format 32Kbps-192Kbps

7. Sound pressure level: ≤110dB

8. Protection class: IP65




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