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FN-H865 Recordable Speaker MP3 Voice Player for Door Access Control System


1. Built-in a high quality MP3 player with great sound quality.

2. Built-in 4MB flash memory as the storage device.

3. Update audio file easily on computer through USB connection.

    -The memory will be detected as a USB flash drive on computer.

4. Equipped with a high quality class D amplifier.

5. When the lock is open, it activates to play the pre-loaded audio file for once.

6. Suitable to work with kinds of magnetic locks, electromagnetic locks and electric mortise locks.

7. Adjustable sound volume through the blue potentiometer on the internal sound board.

8. Clear sound and loud volume.

9. Easy to wire and install (coming with a double-sided adhesive).

Technical Parameters

1. Working voltage: 6V to 30V DC (12V normally)

2. Working current: ≤1000mA 

3. Power consumption: ≤3W

4. Flash memory size: 4MB

5. Audio format: MP3 (≤192Kbps)

6. Sound pressure level: ≤100dB




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