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FNP-703A Mini PIR Motion Activated Audio Player Talking Motion Sensor Welcome Chime Bell


1. Small and exquisite with MP3 high quality audio output. 

2. Equipped with a PIR motion sensor to trigger audio playback, and detection range can be up to 4 meters. 

3. Built-in 4MB flash memory, and audio files can be downloaded onto the flash memory via USB connection with PC. 

4. Able to insert a micro SD card directly, and support max. 32GB micro SD card. 

5. Buttons A and B are corresponding to previous track and next track. 

6. Supports two trigger modes: all repeat mode and single repeat mode. 

7. Two-level sound volume adjustment. 

8. Supports two power supply modes: 3 pieces AAA alkaline batteries or an external power adapter through the micro USB port. 

9. Size: 90 x 60 x 26.6mm

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