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FNP-702A SmartSound PIR Motion Sensor Activated Audio Player Welcome Door Bell


1. Adopts passive infrared sensing technology.

2. Select single play mode/all circle play mode by holding Button B.

3. With the function of power-off memory.

4. Supports to play MP3 audio files with high sound quality

5. Automatically trigger to play back a sound.

6. Load/update audio files through a micro USB cable.

7. Built-in 4MB SPI flash as the internal memory.

8. Adjustable volume level from 1 - 8 by pressing button B.

9. Built-in 3 Watts amplifier to ensure loud and beautiful sound output.

10. Auto sleeping circuits design, which can keep long-term standby.

11. Built-in automatic power re-charging circuits.

12. Plug and play type design.

13. Built-in 500mAH lithium battery, time durable.


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