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FN-VA520 Modbus RTU Warning Light 3 Color Signal Light Visual Alarm for Workshop Machines and Industrial Equipment

FN-VA520 Modbus RTU 3-color signal light visual alarm, launched by Flyron Technology Co., Ltd., has the characteristics of low power consumption, long life, flexible installation, and convenience of use. This product adopts Modbus RTU standard communication protocol based on RS485 serial communication. According to different requirements, different light colors and flashing modes can be set easily. Except for workshop machines, this device can be used for all kinds of industrial equipment.


1. Adopts Modbus RTU standard communication protocol.

2. 3 color (red/yellow/green) signal light.

3. Supports 3 types of flash modes (quick flash/slow flash/always on).

4. Free to set the signal light to work in any color and any flash mode above.

5. Able to set different communication baud rates (4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200/256000/35250).

6. Semi-circular sphere design, beautiful and elegant.

7. Simple to install and easy to use.

Technical Parameters

1. Operating voltage: DC 12-24V

2. Light color: red/yellow/green

3. Flash mode: quick flash/slow flash/always on

4. Protection class: IPX54


Wiring Example

This wiring example shows that the device is connected to a computer via a USB to RS485 converter.Running a serial debugging software on computer, users can debug and test the alarm easily before applying it to a workshop machine or an industrial equipment.

When it is connected to a PLC or an industrial controller, in the same way, the yellow wire from the alarm is connected to the RS485 communication port A (+) of the PLC/industrial controller, while the green wire is connected to the RS485 communication port B (-).





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