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FN-W101 Triggerable Audio Player Recordable MP3 Audio Speaker

FN-W101 is an audio player with 4 trigger input terminals. Multiple trigger modes can be set through a config file easily. Great sound quality and loud volume.


1. 4 trigger inputs available and triggered by negative pulse/GND (low level signal).

2. Equipped with a high quality audio decoder chip that is able to decode MP3 and WAV audio formats.

3. Built-in a 4MB flash memory by default, which is able to store total of 4 minutes long MP3 files of 128Kbps. 

4. Supports max. 32GB micro SD card.

5. Load audio files to the internal flash memory/SD card through the micro USB port based on PC like using a USB flash drive.

6. Supports multiple functions/trigger modes.

7. The function/trigger mode of each input can be set individually through a configuration file.

8. Can be controlled by buttons, switches or relays.

9. Built-in a 10Watts class D amplifier and a 5Watts speaker for a great sound output.

10. Adjustable sound volume through the small blue potentiometer. 

11. Wide power input(9-24V DC) and stable performance.

12. Industrial grade design and strong anti-jamming capability.


Technical Parameters

1. Working voltage: DC 9V-24V

2. Working current: ≤400mA (Input: DC12V)

3. Power Consumption: ≤5W

4. Flash memory size: 4MB(possible to be extended)

5. Audio format: MP3/WAV




Examples of Wiring Connection

1.  Connection for Normal Use


2. Connection for Automatic Playback When Powerd On





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