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FN-BC20 RS485/20 Trigger Audio Player MP3 Sound Board

FN-BC20 is a high quality audio player developed by Flyron Technology Co., Ltd. Equipped with an on-board 25Wx2 class D amplifier, the audio player can directly drive 2 pieces of 10-25W loudspeakers. And it can be controlled by RS485 mode or 20 separate buttons hooked up to the one-on-one inputs terminals. Great audio output, industry-grade design and strong anti-jamming capability make it possible to be used for many
different applications.


1). Built-in a high quality 24bit of audio decoder with stereo audio output.

2). Supports to play audio files of MP3 and WAV formats.

3). Equipped with a high quality 25Wx2 class D amplifier to directly connect with two 8 ohm speakers of 10-25 Watts, for left channel and right channel.

4). Built-in 16MB SPI flash memory and supports max. 32GB micro SD card.

5). Supports RS485 serial mode and button control mode.

6). In button control mode, playback of the one-on-one associated audio files are triggered by negative pulse to any of the 20 input terminals.

7). In button control mode, possible playback of 255 MP3/WAV audio files per 20 one-on-one associated folders through negative trigger.

8). In button control mode, four select-able triggering modes are provided through a configuration file.

9). Supports audio output to an external amplifier through the 3.5mm female audio jack.

10). Separate volume control for each sound channel (only for on-board amplifier).

11). Wide range for power input DC (12V - 24V).

12). Industry-grade design and strong anti-jamming capability.

13). Size: 115 x 90 x 40mm.


Technical Parameters

1). Power input: 12V-24V DC

2). Rated output: 25W×2 (RL= 8 Ω d =1%)

3). Noise Voltage: ≤50m V

4). Frequency response: 20-20KHz

5). SNR: ≥ 90dB



The terminals A(+) and B(-) are used to connect with a RS485 controller, while K1 through K20 represent Normally Open (N.O.) manual buttons. Please refer to the connection example below.







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