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4 Key Remote MP3 Sound Board 433MHz Remote Control MP3 Player Soundboard Voice Module (FN-BC08-RC)


1. Equipped with a 433MHz 4 key remote control. Two types of remote control available.

2. Each key (A, B, C, D) from the remote control triggers an associated sound file (001.mp3-004.mp3) respectively.

3. Built-in 8MB flash memory, and supports max. 8 minutes long of MP3 files (128Kbps).

4. Replace sound files easily by connecting the internal sound board to computer via USB connection.

    -No need any software/program. It'll be detected as a USB pen drive on computer.

5. Equipped with a class D watts amplifier that is able to directly drive a 3-5 watts speaker.

6. Adjustable sound volume through the blue potentiometer on the internal sound board.

7. PCB size: 44mm x 34mm

Technical Parameters

 1. Working voltage: DC 6V-30V

 2. Working current: ≥1000mA 

 3. Standby current: ≤10mA 

 4. Power consumption: ≤5W

 5. On-board flash memory size: 8MB

 6. Audio format: MP3 

 7. Remote distance: ≤100m (open area)

 8. Sound intensity: ≤100dB




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